How to turn on Demo Mode, Retail Mode, or Store Mode on Samsung TV (2023)

Samsung TVs are among the best-selling TVs around the world, and for good reason, because they are known not only for their quality features but also for the way they are sold. The main thing in sales is the right way to present the product on the showcase. And it’s Demo or Store mode that shows customers all their potential at once.

However, why do you need Demo mode at home? Everyone has a different goal – it can be just a background problem for some windows or as a decorative element in the apartment because the store mode shows pictures in the best color. Now you will learn how you can return the Samsung TV back to Demo mode and enjoy its brightness of photos or pictures.

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Store Mode (sometimes called Retail Mode or Store Demo Mode) is a special mode used when the TV is in a retail store that has a showroom. In short, it’s used when the TV is used to show off its best features for all to see. Thus, retail stores use this mode to attract potential customers and get them to buy a TV, and there’s nothing wrong with that it’s just a marketing trick to bring out the best qualities of each model.

However, you should know that this mode is not used to watch the TV, but to present its features, so it’s not suitable for everyday use. Also keep in mind that Samsung uses different names for these features on different TV models: Retail Mode, Store Mode, Shop Mode, or Demo Mode. Though regardless of the name, it’s the same.

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What the retail mode is used on a Samsung TV

The main thing for every company is to sell its products, and Samsung is no exception. This is how markets work – so every company makes every effort to ensure that people buy its products and not those produced by competitors.

To this end, the Samsung factory records demonstration videos of very high quality. Watching these videos in the showroom of a retail store can tell a lot about the benefits of the TV. Another advantage is that such clips are already recorded on the internal flash drive, so you can play them without connecting to an external source or Wi-Fi.

There’s also a sample QR code, which potential buyers can use to go to the Samsung website and find the description of the specific TV model.

However, the sample video is not the only thing you should know about the demonstration mode. Another thing to keep in mind is that in Store Mode, the settings are set to maximum brightness and maximum contrast. Since there’s usually good lighting in retail store showrooms, the visual brightness of the screen is reduced.

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So, these settings are really good for the store and allow potential customers to explore all the benefits of the TV – but they’re really weird at home. However, if you had other goals when buying a TV and you need a clear picture or video in the background for your business, presentations, etc., then this mode is ideal. However, in case you need to show two separate things at once while doing presentations, it’s better to use the MultiView option.

A small disadvantage is that such videos or slideshows can be cyclical and usually they are short. So be aware of this factor. You are about to find out exactly how to make the Samsung TV constantly show a stable playback of videos/slideshow.

Is there a method on how to enable Demo Mode on Samsung TVs

So, as you know, there are several ways to turn off Demo mode in Samsung TV, but now you need to turn it on, which may lead to some questions. However, everything is not so complicated and the principle of action is almost the same. Follow these steps to activate Store Mode on Samsung TV:

  • Change your TV to the “TV” source. The TV source is the coax (RF) source. It does not matter if you don’t have anything connected to this source.
  • Press the MENU button.
  • Use the ▲ or ▼ button to select the “Setup” portion of the menu, and then press the ENTER button.
  • The “Plug & Play” option should be highlighted if it’s not use the ▲ ▼ arrow to select the “Plug & Play” option, and then press ENTER.
  • Note: If the “Plug & Play” option is grayed out and can’t be selected this means that you are not on the TV (Coax (RF)) source. Please return to step 1.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions. When the options come up select “Shop” instead of “Home”.

Finish going through the plug and play option and your TV will be in Demo Mode or Store Mode.

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How to disable store mode or demo mode without remote control on older Samsung TVs

If you don’t have a smart Samsung TV or it’s just one of the older models, it doesn’t have a joystick but does have power, menu, and volume buttons. However, you can still use them to disable Retail Mode if you don’t have a remote control. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Make sure the TV is on, and then locate the volume and menu buttons on the TV. These buttons are usually at the bottom right or left.
  • Now press the volume button once.
  • Hold down the menu button for 15 seconds when the volume indicator appears. You must press the menu button while the volume indicator is active.
  • If you have done everything correctly, Standard will appear on the screen, which will exit demo mode.

However, if an error occurs during the steps, “Store Demo” will appear and you may have to repeat the steps until “Standard” appears.

All TVs come with factory default settings. All TVs are set to the Home mode by default. This is the default mode that allows you to watch TV and use any other functions, so if you want to use the TV for other purposes – it must be set to Store Mode.

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How to remove Safe Mode on Samsung TVs

If you accidentally had a malfunction, some bugs prevented you from watching your favorite shows, and your TV had to be switched to safe mode, and you want to return everything to the way it was, then follow these steps to get out of safe mode on Samsung TV:

  • Reset the TV using the remote control and the system menu
  • Press Menu and then Support
  • Select Self Diagnosis
  • Choose Reset
  • Next, you’ll be required to enter a PIN code to continue the procedure
  • Confirm and when the animation appears on the screen, press the sound reduction button (-) on the remote control and hold it down until the animation disappears
  • The “Safe Mode” inscription will appear and disappear at the bottom left of the screen.

Here you have basic instructions on how to activate the Store Mode on Samsung TVs and get rid of Safe mode in case you accidentally switched it on. How exactly to change the mode in Samsung TVs you already know and all left is to consolidate the knowledge in practice.


How to turn on Demo Mode, Retail Mode, or Store Mode on Samsung TV? ›

This setting is used to show off the product at retail stores. To make your it operate regularly, you'll need to set it to Home mode. These steps work for newer TV models. If they do not match your model, see your user manual for steps to turn off Retail mode.

Do Samsung TVS have a DEMO mode? ›

This setting is used to show off the product at retail stores. To make your it operate regularly, you'll need to set it to Home mode. These steps work for newer TV models. If they do not match your model, see your user manual for steps to turn off Retail mode.

What is Samsung Retail mode? ›

Samsung Retail Mode is a software which helps shopkeepers or retail store owners put the phone for display or showcasing purposes. You need not install this application unless you are an employee of an. authorized partner and have the required password to open. the application.


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